Does Medicare Cover Dental?

The number one question that we receive at our office after we explain Medicare is ….. “Does Medicare cover dental?”

Original Medicare combined with a supplement does not cover routine dental care.  People are surprised to learn that because many of them are used to having dental coverage through the insurance they received from their employment.  Typically those plans covered cleanings, x-rays and possibly even more expensive services like root canals up to a certain limit.

What are your options for covering dental when you go on Medicare?

  1. Medicare Advantage Plans may cover a small amount of routine dental services.  That being said, you should never choose a Medicare Advantage Plan based on dental coverage.  The Networks are typically small and the benefits could change every year.
  2. Purchase a stand alone dental plan.  Dental insurance covers things like fillings, cleanings, crowns, root canals, etc.  In the past we were not very impressed by the dental plans that were available, but over the last few years there are much better plans being offered.  The newest plan that we are excited about is Delta Dental of Illinois.  The plan offers the following unique features:
    • $3,000 Annual Maximum Benefit.
    • Carryover Feature –  Allows members to carryover unused portions of their annual maximum from one year to the next.
    • No waiting period for Major services.

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