Special Enrollment

Many people work past age 65 when they first are eligible for Medicare.  But what happens if you decide to work past age 65?  Do you have to take Medicare?  The answer depends on the size of the company you work at and what your insurance options are. It’s important to consult with an advisor to understand your options.

Whether you are 68 or 78, when you choose to leave your group plan, you will sign up for Parts A and B of Medicare during a Special Enrollment Period which is an 8 month window.

There are two forms that you need to fill out. The first form is the Part B enrollment form. The second form is called Request for Employment Information which needs to be signed by your employer and submitted with you Part B Enrollment document .  If you don’t submit the Request for Employment Information for you and/or your spouse, you will receive a penalty for not enrolling at age 65 and you won’t have proof that you are eligible for a Special Enrollment.  We will guide you through this important transition!

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