Original Medicare and Medicare Supplements

If you choose Original Medicare for your health coverage, Medicare becomes your primary insurer. Medicare is not designed to cover every dollar.  To cover some of the gaps not covered by Medicare, Medicare beneficiaries can purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan (same as Medigap) through a private insurance company to help cover the gaps.

Before choosing the right supplement for you, you need to understand what the gaps in Original Medicare are.  Once you understand the gaps, you can decide which benefits you want covered.  See the Medicare Supplement comparison chart below.

Our licensed Medicare Supplement agents will help you determine which insurance companies sell supplements in your state and can help you compare costs for each plan.  The video above explains how Medicare Plan G fills the gaps of Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment

When you are new to Medicare, you have a 6 month window to choose any supplement company and plan being offered with out being asked health questions.   If you are past the 6 month window and you want to shop plans for better pricing, the private insurance companies can ask you qualifying health questions.

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