Debby Riskind

President of Marketing and Sales

Debby joined her dad Glenn Goldman and brother Jeff Goldman at GM Goldman & Associates in 2009. Debby is the President of Marketing and Sales and actively works with clients.  As a graduate from Loyola Law School and a former practicing trial attorney, Debby is more than an advisor- she is a retirement advocate.  She specializes in helping Boomers and Seniors with their insurance needs through a process she created called the Retirement Shift.  Specifically, she helps clients navigate Medicare and helps clients create safety, income and a legacy through the use of fixed annuities, long term care and life insurance.

Debby recognizes when a client is new to Medicare, there is a lot to learn so she takes the time to explain Medicare and find solutions that fit the client’s needs.  She also offers annual Medicare reviews.   Her do-the- right- thing ethics compel her to think of clients first to ensure that her clients are comfortable and secure during their retirement.

(847) 675-3600