Jeff Goldman


Jeff Goldman - President, GM Goldman & Associates, Inc.

Jeff graduated from the University of Iowa in 1987. He started his career in the insurance industry with Northwestern Mutual Life. He did not join the family business right out of college because he wanted to see if he enjoyed working in the world of insurance before he became part of GM Goldman. Jeff realized immediately that the insurance business was for him. He developed a passion for providing insurance solutions to his clients and helping as many people as possible every day.

Jeff started with GM Goldman in 1987 and became an expert in helping people protect their family and their assets through the use of Long Term Care insurance. Most of his clients were over age 60 and Jeff started to see that the majority of people that he was speaking to on a regular basis were confused about Medicare and were also overpaying for their supplement. He noticed that people were completely overwhelmed with all of the choices and information that they received when they were about to turn 65. He also found that there were very few advisors and insurance people dedicated to giving advice in regards to all things Medicare.

In 2008, Jeff shifted the focus of GM Goldman to helping people navigate the Medicare maze from beginning to end. Jeff prides himself on taking something that most people find confusing and making it easy to understand.

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