Kevin Toomey

Kevin has been in the insurance business since 1999. The first insurance product he specialized in was long-term care insurance. Of course, when working with retirees in setting up long-term care insurance plans (LTC), an insurance advisor must be able to educate their clients on how Medicare works in relation to LTC. Eventually,

Kevin began receiving more questions and phone calls about Medicare than LTC. In the early part of his career, Kevin began to realize how much help people needed as they approached their 65th birthday. Once the Medicare drug plans (Part D) became available, people required even more help. Now, as we fast forward to Kevin’s 22nd year in the business, he’s amazed at all the costly misconceptions, incorrect assumptions, mistakes, and errors that people make when going on Medicare. Unfortunately, much of this bad information is passed on from retiree to retiree and, therefore, thousands of dollars are thrown away due to poor choices made when going on Medicare.

Kevin’s role has been to break this chain of bad information and get people pointed in the right direction.

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